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The Old West Antiques & Candy Store

Made in Montana

Old West Antiques & Candy Store proudly sources and sells many products made right here in Montana. From clothing and housewares to bath products and delicious snacks, enjoy the best of what Montana has to offer.

Huckleberry Bath Bag

Perfect for a mini spa day at home. This package includes a huckleberry bath bomb, whipped body butter, lip balm, and body lotion.

MCS Huckleberry Bath Bag

Huckleberry Body Box

Can't get away to spend a week at a Montana spa? Here's the next best thing! This box includes a huckleberry bath bomb, body lotion, lip balm, body mist, sugar scrub, and whipped body butter.

MCS Huckleberry Body Box

Perfect Man Pack

Everything he needs to look and smell his very best. This pack includes body lotion, shaving soap, deodorant, and a bar of natural soap- all with the Perfect Man scent!

MCS Perfect Man Pack

Morning Essentials Pack

Start your day off right with a decadent combination of scents. This package includes shaving soap and natural deodorant in Mahogany Woods and a Chocolate Cherry Fudge Lip Balm.

MCS Morning Essentials Pack