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The Old West Antiques & Candy Store

Antiques & Collectibles

From vintage toys and cookware to antique furniture and farm gear, we have something for everyone. Our selection of antiques and collectibles is constantly changing; give us a call to find what you're looking for!

North & Judd  Spurs

North and Judd spurs (N&J) are one of the most collectible types of saddlery hardware, cowboy equipment and especially western spurs. From their humble beginnings in pre-1800 to the well known North & Judd Manufacturing Company of Connecticut in 1878, North and Judd have become one of the finest makers of boot spurs.

N&J Spurs

Vintage Hand Painted Duck Decoy

Duck decoys have lived many lives, making the flight from practical hunting tool to high-end decorative pieces. Back in the 18- and early 1900s, duck hunting was a very profitable occupation. For duck hunters and duck lovers alike, a decorative duck decoy is a must-have piece of decor.

Vintage Duck Decoy

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